Sad Time Whatsapp Status

People's life is full of sadness. Happiness is disappearing day by day so today we came here with some Sad Time Whatsapp Status. Use these Status on Whatsapp so your Friends, Relative, Family Members etc. will get to now about your sad time.

  • The hardest part in life is trying to show the smile you know is fake and to hide the tears that won’t stop.
  • Sometimes Good People Need To Leave Your Life To Make Room For Better People To Come In.
  • It's Funny How You Think You Actually Mean Something To Someone, & They Just Turn Around & Prove You Wrong.
  • It's Ironic How Sometimes, The Harder You Want To Avoid Something, The Quicker It Will Get To You.
  • When A Person Cannot Answer Directly To Your Question Probably The Answer Is Too Painful For You To Know Or Too Hard For Them To  Admit...:'(
  • The hardest part of dreaming about someone you love is having to wake up.
  • No One In D World Has D Ability 2stop Their Tears When Their Loved Ones Say 2 Them "Dont Leave Me , I Need You" Or "Leave Me I Dint Need You
  • Some Dreams Weren't Meant To Come True....I Learned That From You.
  • It's Really Painful To Say Goodbye To Someone That You Don't Want To Let Go But Its Even More Painful To Ask Someone To Stay If They Never Wanted To Stay.
  • Unfortunately, We Believe The Liars, Trust The Backstabbers, And Like The Heartbreakers We Are All Just Stories In The End.
  • Drifting Apart From People You Once Used To Be So Close With Sucks.
  • It Sucks When You Miss Someone Who Does Not Miss You Back.
  • When Someone Walks Out Of Your Life, Let Them. They Are Just Making More Room For Someone Better To Walk In.
  • Missing Someone Who Doesn't Miss You Back In Return Is Probably One Of The Worst Feelings Anyone Can Feel.
  • The Opposite Of Love Is Not Hate But To Avoid. If U Dont Love Me Then Hate Me But Plz Dont Avoid Me.. It Hurts...! :'(
  • I Used To Miss You So Much, But It Never Seemed Like You Missed Me. I Guess Because Of That, I Stopped Missing You.
  • Never let the pain from your past punish your present and paralyze your future.
  • Sometimes You Just Need To Distance Yourself From People. If They Care, They'll Notice. If They Don't, You Know Where You Stand.
  • You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care.
  • There's Always Going To Be That One Person You Always Want To Be With Even After You Find Out They Don't Want To Be With You.
  • My Feelings For You Are Like A Boomerang. Whenever I Try To Get Rid Of It By Throwing It All Away, It Constantly Finds A Way To Get Back.
  • You Have Given And Taken A Lot From Me. You Gave Me A Reason To Smile, But You Took Away My Ability To Love Anybody Else.
  • They Say Time Heals All Wounds, But All It's Done Is Give Me More Time To Think About How Much I Miss You.
  • I Hate Those Moments Right Before You Go To Sleep, When You Are  Forced To Think About All The Things You Tried So Hard To Forget.
  • People Think That If You Love Somebody Hard Enough, Then Everything Is Just Gonna Work Out. People Are Wrong
  • Who Knew That The Person That Kills Me Inside Is The Person I Need In Order To Live?
  • People Cry Not Because Love Ends, But Because It Still Continues, Even If It's Over.
  • Forgetting Someone Is Impossible. You Remember Everything. You May Not Think Of Them For Years At A Time, But You Don't Know How To Forget.
  • No Matter What They Do Or What They Say, Or How Many Times They Hurt You, You Can't Let Them Go Because They Just Mean So Much To You.
  • When U Get Attracted To Sum1. U Will Realize What Is Love.. When That Sum1 Starts Avoiding U.. U Will Realize What Is Life.
  • Loneliness Is A Special Enjoyment When Chosen By Ourself..!! But Hard To Digest When Gifted By Others...
  • Pleasure Of Love Lasts But A Moment, Pain Of Love Lasts A Lifetime.
  • For Once In My Life, I'm At A Loss Of Words.The Truth Of The Matter Is Being With You Was The Only Time I Have Ever Been Happy.
  • Sometimes Life Isn't Fair. We Don't Always End Up With The Person We Thought Was "The One".
  • Biggest Mistake You Can Make Is To Care For Someone More Than Yourself, Because Then You Are Just Setting Yourself Up For Disappointment.
  • Boundaries Are Necessary So That You Can Protect Yourself, Because Once You're Broken, You'll Never Be Fully Fixed.
  • Loving Someone Who Doesn't Feel The Same Way Is Like Using A White Crayon On A White Paper. It's Always Invisible.
  • The Worse Thing Is Caring About Someone, Wondering How They Are When The Truth Is, They've Stopped Wondering About You A Long Time Ago.
  • Who Said Water Helps In Putting Off Fire?If So,Then. Why Don't Tears Heal The Burn In One's Heart!
  • It Is Easy To See When Someone Is Happy , But Hard To See When They Are Faking Their Happiness Just To Hide Their Broken Heart.
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